📜 About the Threadoor program

This program is an initiative by Dopex to give Twitter thread writers the opportunity to write about Dopex and be compensated for their time and effort!

🫵🏻 What we'd like you to do

💸 Compensation

🏃🏻 Steps to become a whitelisted Threadooor:

  1. Must have at least 2,000 followers and organic engagement on tweets.
  2. Must fill out this Google form.
  3. Selected candidates will be reached out to via Twitter/Discord as provided in the Google form.
  4. Selected candidates will be notified whenever a new campaign goes live.
  5. Details on what to write, payment and delivery of the threads can be found in the active campaign list below.

👪 Core team Point of Contacts:

🔭  Some examples of good threads